Milk Carton Superstars – Later Never Now


The artists will take over before the end of the world…

A call for artistry and creativity in uncertain times or the start of something else? Sometimes hard to tell, but that won’t stop Milk Carton Superstars from releasing their latest album, Later Never Now. The Orlando due of Guy Larmay and Jim Myers are back with their third full album.

From the opening track, The Artists Will Take Over, all the way to the end, Milk Carton Superstars brings us an album that is full of energy. The songs are catchy and fun and will linger around in your head. The great beat and sound are accompanied by lyrics that are creative and imaginative as the music is enjoyable. The strong combo creates a full album that delivers on all accounts.

The album succeeds as it is strong all the way through. Nothing on the album feels like filler and everything feels like its in the right place. It’s hard to craft an album with no weak tracks on it, but Milk Carton Superstars has nailed it on that account. I love all the songs on the album and I don’t  feel the need to skip any of them on subsequent playthroughs.

The album feels as though it has its own story, a quality that helps good albums succeed. This will also make it hard for me to add individual tracks to my playlists as I do enjoy the album as a whole and truly enjoy the full ride this album takes you on. The ride is a short one as most of tracks on the album are under three minutes but the songs all have their own charm to them help to create a great listening experience. The album feels complete and starts and ends on good notes with a great trek through the middle.

I highly recommend this album. I already feel this is going to be an early contender for one of my favorite albums this year.


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