Orlando Overdrive “Nerd Music” Showcase Announced, With Performer Voting Open


ORLANDO, Fla., February 1 st 2017 — On Saturday, April 22 nd 2017, the best of Orlando’s nerd music

community of video game bands, remixers, chiptune artists, nerdcore emcees, and geek rockers take the

stage for the second annual Orlando Overdrive.

Orlando Overdrive, spun off from Ongaku Overdrive to shine the spotlight on Orlando’s best and

nerdiest musicians, ended up being a remarkable success in its first outing, featuring Random

Encounter, Marc with a C, Eye Q, NESkimos, Boy Without Batteries, Quartz Relic, Sci-Fried, and Benjamin


This year, the lineup will be chosen by the fans. A poll is open at http://bit.ly/OrlandoOverdrive2017 until

February 13 th . There are seventeen acts to vote for and the nine with the most votes will be selected to

play at Orlando Overdrive 2017.

The candidates represent a wide range of geek-influenced music, featuring Benjamin Briggs, BFunk20XX,

Boy Without Batteries, dj-Jo, EyeQ, Geekapella, Jackson Parodi, Mag.Lo, MagiTek, Marc with a C, Milk

Carton Superstars, Quartz Relic, NESkimos, O_Super, Sci-Fried, Shammers, and Under Polaris.

“Being a longtime resident of Orlando and a big fan of our ‘nerd’ music community, I wanted to put on

an event that showcased our city’s own performers,” said Kent Ward, the organizer of Orlando

Overdrive. “I hope this event ends up giving Orlando nerd music a huge boost and opens up doors for

our acts to do amazing things in the future.”

Orlando Overdrive will take place at BackBooth, located at 37 W. Pine Street, Orlando, FL 32801. The

event is all ages and tickets start at $10. For performer announcements and other updates, visit

www.ongakuoverdrive.com and follow @OngakuOverdrive on social media.


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