Nerd Music Meltdown #16: Professor Shyguy


It’s an exciting episode of the Nerd Music Meltdown with the chiptune pop artist who describes himself as the poor nerd’s Justin Timberlake… Professor Shyguy!

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You may have heard his voice if watched the Toonami version Dragon Ball Super, as he sang the English version of Starring Star. He’s also experimented with “chip opera” with his last album Fragmentation and has done some amazing things combining chiptune with poo music, rock n roll, and some pretty sweet dance moves if you get to see him live. We talk about the making of Fragmentation, working with Funimation on Dragon Ball Super, expanding to audiences beyond nerd music, karaoke with Killroy of The Protomen, original music vs covers, and playing freakin’ tabletop games. Professor Shyguy will be performing at Orlando Nerd Fest’s Fantoku on November 5th.

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