Geek World Order Celebrates 8th Anniversary


Hello geeks and welcome to another Geek World Order blog. Today is a special day. Today is the site’s 8th anniversary. Yes, we’re another year down and going as strong as ever.

I’m back from another great year at MetrCon, and as usual it was a blast. Seeing great friends, hanging out with new ones and getting to share the vision of Geek World Order made for an unforgettable weekend and I’m still on the post-con high of it all. It’s such a great time to be in the post con adrenaline rush and ready to tackle a new year bringing you all the best in the world of geekdom.

Looking back on the last year, its been a great one. I’ve been to a lot of events (27 total in 2017 and MetroCon was 13 so far this year (and also after counting 141st total event since my first convention in 2005)). I can not thank everyone enough for all the support and the friendships forged over the last eight years. It was fun getting to tell the story to a new friend and really put it into perspective just how far this site has come. It’s amazing how many stories I’m racking up now in my convention life as someone who really didn’t have a lot of life stories to tell before I started going to conventions. That is one of the ways I know that the con life is the life for me. I now have lasting memories and great relationships that have been tested and strengthened with my con family.

Of course I’m also looking towards the future. Hard to believe we’re getting that much closer to the ten year mark. I definitely need to start thinking about that and figure out how to make that one really special. Some of the site goals stay the same. The biggest is to bring the best in geeky content.  I am currently looking for new content to feature. This site has helped many podcasts, reviewers, and series get a launch to a bigger audience. I plan to do more of that and hope to have more members added to our geeky family soon. I have had a lot of help and support to get to where the site is now and giving back to some of those getting started and needing a bigger platform is a meaningful thing I can do to give back to a community that has taken me in and shown so much love over the years,

Featuring content is a great step but I also want to create more content. Sometimes I feel this is an area where I slack a bit. Of course, the photography is my main content that I create, but I want to be part of more. I want to create more video and vlog content. I am working on ideas and obtaining equipment to help facilitate that. I want to do more podcasts. I would love to talk about the site more and just have genuine, fun discussion about geekiness. I have also played around with the idea of starting a podcast but just need the right idea for that. I want to do interviews. That has been a tough challenge. Of course the introverted nature is something I have to work with but sometimes its just a matter of timing as well. Even through the misses, I still take something away that I can look back on later. I want to be a part of music video shoots and possibly even create a video for a nerdy music artist. There are so many facets to creative media and I want to explore them and be a part of that process and create things with other talented people.

Onward and upward. The main goal this year is to help build the community. There is a lot of negativity and destructiveness in geek culture today. At Geek World Order, we focus on the positive and help build each other up. Doesn’t matter if you love Star Trek or Star Wars there is something for everybody. We will build each other up and help each other succeed. We can all benefit from the strengths and talents of each other to help the whole community better and more successful. That goal has never changed here and the resolve to uphold that standard has just intensified over time.

Once again, thank you to all who have been a part of the ride and to those who will join the movement in the future. This site is manifestation of a desire to bring the best in nerdiness to the forefront. I can not do it without the love and support of all of you. I am truly humbled by the love the community shows and all I want is just to be able to give back in whatever ways I can. Thank you all for eight great years and here’s to many more to come.

Geeks Unite,



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