The Long Coat Mafia: Investigating The Haunted Shenandoah Valley: A Paracon Panel


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In this episode we bring you the Eastern Panhandle Paracon Panel titled Investigating The Haunted Shenandoah Valley. This panel is presented by Joe Sandy.

Note: 1) This is his content we are just sharing it for your enjoyment. and for those who a) couldn’t come to  Eastern Panhandle Paracon Panel and b) or missed the panel  2) Due to the size of where the panels were located about 2 minutes or so was cut. What was cut was unboostable questions and fan interactions because either the P.A. System and/ or our condenser microphone was unable to pic up, again due to venue size. 3) None of the presenter’s content was cut just boosted to make it a smidge easier to hear. 4) We included the presenter’s introduction in the beginning of the panel because we wanted to.

Because we were told Joe Sandy was/ is the founder of Shenandoah Area Paranormal Society (S.A.P.S.) here is the proper links:

S.A.P.S. Web Site:

S.A.P.S. Facebook page:

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