DragonCon Photos – Saturday

Saturday is always the busiest day for a convention. DragonCon was no exception. So many costumes made their way through the convention.

So many events were happening. Saturday is the day of the DragonCon parade. I was originally going to be in the parade but ended up being sick that morning. That is something I want to rectify next year.

There was still plenty to explore at the convention. So many great sights to see at what would end up being my last full day at DragonCon. I ended doing the GIJoe photoshoot Sunday morning then leaving early to head back to Florida to make preparations for the incoming hurricane. Overall, I absolutely enjoyed my first DragonCon experience and am already working on learning things I need to know for next year and being more prepared. Everything this year happened kinda late in the game and I was not fully prepared. DragonCon is a unique convention experience. I definitely want to experience it again.

With that said, here is the last batch of photos from DragonCon.


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