Orlando Nerd Fest Unites The Geeks

What happens when you take five days, copious amounts of the best nerd music on the planet, and throw in a celebration of every facet of geekdom known to man? You get Orlando Nerd Fest, which is quickly shaping up to be one of the biggest celebrations of nerd culture you can find.

Taking place August 7-11 at the Orlando Airport Mariott, Orlando Nerd Fest features music, panels, meet and greets, cosplay, gaming and anything else to overload your geek quota for a long time. On top of that, ONF has at the top of its list musical talents Nobuo Uematsu of Final Fantasy fame and his band the Earthbound Papas as a musical headliner. They also have Blizzard’s composer Jason Hayes and his band Critical Hit.

Adding to nerd factor is celebrity guest Johnny Yong Bosch. You may remember him as Adam Park on Power Rangers, Ichigo on Bleach, and Bumblebee in the Transformers: War for Cybertron video game. He’ll be on hand as a guest and a performer with his band Eyeshine.

The list of music acts is among the highlights of Nerd Fest. A Thursday night pre-party will feature many of the talents of Scrub Club Records. Throughout the weekend, you’ll also hear from such acts as The Wordburglar, Kirby Krackle, The Doubleclicks, Schaffer the Darklord, The Megas, URIZEN, YTCracker, Devo Spice, The Great Luke Ski, Dr. Awkward, Random Encounter, Sci-Fried, Those Who Fight, Critical Hit, MC Lars, Eight Bit Disaster, My Parents Favorite Music, Metroid Metal, MC Ohm-I, Marc with a C, and still more to be announced.

The last day of the event will be The Day After Show, taking place at The Geek Easy at A Comic Shop. One of the premiere comic shops and geeky establishments in general in Florida, The Geek Easy is the place for a rocking after party and an awesome environment to be a geek.

Orlando Nerd Fest will be a weekend to let your geek flag fly and proclaim your love of the nerdiest things on the planet.


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