Going Back To Disney As An Adult

The last time I had been to any of the Disney parks was when I went to Magic Kingdom for Grad Night back in 2004. It’s been a awhile for sure. But that all changed this past Sunday.

A few years ago I had a pass to Universal Studios and I enjoyed it. Since then I had wanted to get a pass for Disney but various circumstances made that a bit out of reach. Then 2019 rolled around. I managed to make a lot of dreams happen last year so I decided to have the same determination and make a Disney pass work. I purchased my pass online and decided that my first stop would be Epcot. I had a lot of fond memories there as a kid and wanted to see how that had changed.

I got to the park Sunday, got my physical pass (which didn’t take very long at all) and I was on my way. A quick selfie in front of the big silver ball that is Spaceship Earth and I got in line. My first ride at Epcot couldn’t be anything else. As soon as I sat down on the ride, the nostalgia came flooding in. The ride is still as impressive as I remember it. I really felt the awe that Disney is capable of creating. I knew right then that I had made the right decision getting my pass. I was ready to start making memories and experiences. That is the mantra of 2020 for me and I’m starting right out the gate in Janaury.

I then began wandering the park and rode a few rides. I walked around the world showcase. This may become one of my new favorite things. As a kid, there wasn’t much interest in that part of Epcot aside from the couple of rides there. But as an adult, that all changed. I am now looking forward to eating my way through the different countries. I had lunch in the Japan pavilion. I had some ramen at one of the quick service counters and it was alright. I’ll check out one of sit down restaurants at a later date. My plan is to have lunch at a different country each time I go to Epcot. This part is gonna be fun.

I wasn’t able to go on a few rides like Frozen, Soarin’, or Test Track but I will get on those at later dates and will experiment with the Fast Pass system. I already have the Disney app downloaded now and am working on learning the tips and tricks to take full advantage of the parks when I go in the future.

One of the best memories I had of the day was when I went on Living With The Land. I discovered it by accident when I saw the wait time for Soarin’. It’s not the most impressive ride but it did bring back some very vivid memories. I only remember going to the theme parks a few time with my grandparents. But this ride took me back to those childhood memories and as I went through the ride I vividly remembered riding this ride with my grandfather. It did bring a tear to my eye but it was a good one to unlock such a vivid memory. I closed my eyes for a moment and it almost felt like he was sitting next to me. I really feel like this is going to be a top moment for me in 2020 and we’re only a few days in.

Overall I absolutely feel like getting a Disney pass was a right call. I can’t wait to revisit the other parks and experience Animal Kingdom for the first time. The Disney magic is alive and well. I can’t wait to continue this journey.


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