Totally Radical Cartoon Podcast Episode 25 – There’s No Place Like Springfield

Welcome back to an all new episode of Totally Radical Cartoon Podcast. This week, Randy and Phil look at what is considered to be one of the best episodes of GI Joe.

While on an island, Lady Jaye and Shipwreck are on a rescue mission to save Professor Mulaney, a scientist who claims of developing a new weapon to turn water into a bomb. When they find him, he implants the secret formula into Shipwreck’s brain, which can only be released by a secret code word he gives to Lady Jay. Shipwreck passes out trying to escape after a Cobra assault and wakes up six years later in a place called Springfield, with Mara as his wife and a daughter named Alfea. G.I. Joe has won the war against Cobra, but he tries to find out how in the years he’s missed.


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