Totally Radical Cartoon Podcast Episode 33 – The Secret of the Juice

Welcome back to an all new episode of Totally Radical Cartoon Podcast. Bouncing here and there and everywhere. High adventure that’s beyond compare. They are the Gummi Bears. Randy and Phil look at an episode of Gummi Bears.

Grammi believes it is time to teach another Gummi Bear how to make Gummiberry juice. Sunni is chosen as the most eligible candidate, but is more into fashion and spending time with Calla. The Ogres kidnap Grammi and take her to Castle Drekmore, where Duke Igthorn attempts to coax the recipe for Gummiberry juice from her. When the Gummis go on a rescue mission, they request Sunni to follow and bring some Gummiberry juice, which Sunni does not know how to make because she failed to pay attention to Grammi’s lessons.


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