Nerd Music Meltdown #75: MAGFest and Video Games in Concert with Nick Marinelli

Nick Marinelli worked for many years at MAGFest in different roles, including executive director of the whole event! Since then, he has co-founded Video Games in Concert, a booking service designed to get the best video game music acts booked all over from conventions to corporate functions and festivals.

We talk about Nick’s time with MAGFest, the immense growth of that event, and the recent controversies and future. We all talk what VGIC does and how live events are looking this Summer and beyond! 

Find out more about Video Games in Concert at gamemusic.rocksVirtua Ongaku 9 takes place on May 22nd on and will benefit the Asian Pacific Fund. Support Nerd Music Meltdown at

Music Used:

Final Fantasy VII Main Theme – 88bit
Spelunking Shuffle (from Metroid) – ConSoul

“The Meltdown” theme by RoboRob


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