DragonCon G.I.Joe Cosplay

DragonCon is a massive weekend party celebrating all walks of geekdom and nerdiness. Thousands of attendees don their cosplay and take to the hotel lobbies, common areas, parade routes and the streets of Atlanta itself to show their love of a franchise.

That is what I did myself. Growing up as a child of the 80s, cartoon such as Transformers and G.I.Joe were an integral part of my growing up and that love never left me as an adult. Just look at my tattoos as evidence of that.

G.I.Joe isn’t as popular today as it once was, but those that keep the love alive know how to do it. With costume groups such as The Finest that promote costuming and charity work, there is plenty of reason to include G.I.Joe in your cosplay lineup.

I cam into DragonCon this year with a total of four costumes. I was keeping it simple this year. I only wore each costume for a small amount of time as I mostly wanted to soak in the return to DragonCon after the cancellation of 2020.

I brought some new costumes and some reliable standbys. I debuted a Chuckles costume on Thursday and did TunnelRat for a while on Friday until my bandolier broke. On Staurday, I marched in my first DragonCon parade as my favorite G.I.Joe Shipwreck and brought my BeachHead to the Sunday photoshoot.

From the Thursday night Finest gathering to marching in the parade to the Sunday photoshoot on the Hilton steps, there was plenty to do related to G.I.Joe and hanging out with fellow G.I.Joe fans from other states was an absolute blast.

There is always a magic to DragonCon and the experience is amazing. I’m already thinking of what costumes I want to do next year.

Of course I documented all of this as well. Check out photos below of the great G.I.Joe cosplay and experience from this year’s DragonCon.


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