Nerd Music Meltdown Bonus: Looking back on ONGAKU 20XX and Virtua Ongaku XIII

t’s been a while since there was an episode of Nerd Music Meltdown. March was just too crazy for a lot of reasons, including ONGAKU 20XX in Orlando and Virtua Ongaku XIII on Twitch. Kent goes solo and reflects on what was a crazy month and how everything went down. If you want to hear how things go from an event runner’s perspective, this is the show for you!

With things calmed down, we’ll work on getting podcasts with guests out regularly. But if you want to hear about what goes into concerts in our community, this is a great episode to listen too.

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Lame Genie – Yogurt Yard (Kirby’s Adventure) –
Lacey Johnson – Ryu’s Theme (Street Fighter II) –

“The Meltdown” theme by RoboRob


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