Podcast Feature: Seibertron.com Twincast

Seibertron.com is proud to present the all new Twincast podcast. The website’s very first internet radio talk show! Every week we will be talking about the latest Transformers news and look back at some of the greatest moments in Transformers history. Enjoy the new Twincast podcast, and then join the discussion in the Seibertron.com fourms.

Episode zero: The Hundred Dollar Minicon

Just a heads up, this is our “pilot” episode, so the news is a week or so old. Things will start to normalize next episode

Let’s meet the cast!

Counterpunch- He’s always nearby, real nearby, and he’ll be that way every week!

Mkall- The Ragin’ Canadian! Wait that’s not right……

Tigertracks24- He’s a crotchety old G1er, and we wouldn’t have him any other way!

Pyrostrata- Her love of Megatron makes Lugnut seem rational!

Skice- You could call him the “Prime” of the Twincast…. yeah Rodimus Prime….

and our Special guest this week:
Touya- He writes for Tomopop.com, and loves him some Thundercracker!

Now what did these six crazed Transformers fans end up talking about this week, and how can you join in? The following links will take you to the discussions in our forums regarding the following topics. To kick start the first ever Twincast, the recent Transformers: Prime reveals at San Diego Comic Con were discussed. Next up was Counterpunch, and while there was discussion about the Twincast member in the show, we’re talking about the exclusive Punch/Counterpunch toy, and it’s upcoming ‘restock’ by the Transformers Collectors’ Club. Following that was talk of the first Downloadable Content for Transformers: War For Cybertron, featuring Touya’s expertise! Is there any doubt about the most anticipated toy for the next upcoming months? Masterpiece Rodimus was the next highlight of the Twincast. Next up was Masterpiece Rodimus’ brethren, the rest of Takara’s stunning 2010 Transformers line. The last two topics in this Twincast will be reoccuring themes, the first is ‘This week in Transformers History’, and 24 years ago, it just happened to be the release of the controversial 1986 Transformers Animated Movie. The second is discussing updates to the ever growing toy galleries of Seibertron.com. The six Seibertronians joined in discussing one of the hottest topics this month, FansProject’s Crossfire Bruticus Add-ons! Just click the links below and enjoy the very first episode of Seiberton.com Twincast!

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