Twincast # 6 “Ask the Twincast: With a Vengeance!”

The Year is 2010, darkness and chaos reign supreme. Humanity has been driven to the brink of destruction, but from the internet one hope has emerged to to free human kind from it’s cruel fate. That hope is… The Twincast/Podcast! Welcome to episode 6, “Ask the Twincast: With a Vengeance!”

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In this episode the brave Twincast crew covers:

Idw’s Drift #3/#4

Idw’s Transformers #12

Idw’s new design for Megatron

TFCC’s 2011 figures G2 Ramjet and Sideburn

Reveal the Shield Bumblebee and others


The Twincast crew also answers 3 questions from the Ask the Twincast thread

And of course, this week in Transformers history:
2003- Transformers: Tataki is released for the PS2.


The Twincast’s brave crew are
Skice, Ryan, Pyrostrata, Counterpunch, and Savage. Together they are Earth’s last hope!

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