The Ten Most Pirated Movies of 2010

Avatar wasn’t only the highest grossing film ever, pulling in over $2.7 billion dollars world wide, but it also topped the list of most pirated movies in 2010.

TorrentFreak, listed the 10 most pirated movies of the year, and as you can see, sci-fi films did just as awesome on peoples computers as it did at the box office.

Avatar (16,580,000)

Kick-Ass (11,400,000)

Inception (9,720,000)

Shutter Island (9,490,000)

Iron Man 2 (8,810,000)

Clash of the Titans (8,040,000)

Green Zone (7,730,000)

Sherlock Holmes (7,160,000)

The Hurt Locker (6,850,000)

Salt (6,700,000)

Avatar ended up breaking Star Trek‘s record of 10,960,000 as most downloaded film in a single year.


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