Microsoft To Begin Aiding Kinect Hackers With Toolkit

Microsft Unveils Kinect, Formerly Project Natal

Microsoft will begin aiding Kinect hackers by releasing a software development kit to help programmers build Kinect compatible programs for Windows PCs. Releasing a toolkit for hackers is a far-cry from what we normally see from game companies who often sue gamers who mod consoles. The toolkit is expected to be released sometime in the coming months.

Microsoft has shipped more than 8 million Kinect motion sensing cameras. Hackers quickly figured out how to manipulate the camera to be used with custom software and in existing games. Each time one of these Kinect hacks gets posted online it seems to go viral.

Do you think Microsoft will charge for the Kinect toolkit? If they don’t, what could their motivation be for encouraging people to create software for their device?


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