EA To issue Vouchers To PS3 Users for Battlefield 1943

After failing to deliver on a promise to deliver PS3 users with a copy of Battlefield 1943 to users that purchased Battlefield 3 for the console, EA was served with a class action lawsuit. EA now appears to be making good on the original promise. They will be making the game available to PS3 users after all in a move to help regain consumer confidence with the game maker.

“There have been some misunderstandings around Battlefield 1943 and Battlefield 3,” says a statement onEA’s website. “To address this we are making Battlefield 1943 available free of charge to owners of Battlefield 3 on the PS3 beginning this month.”

EA will be distributing the free downloads in stages. They will be available to players in Europe on November 26, to the US on December 10, and to players in Asia on December 17.

It’s very good of EA to make good on their promise. Likely many users will be wary of pre-ordering titles from EA in the future. EA will have to step their game up to keep customer assurance high. They can not afford to make another mistake like this any time soon.


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