Pepper Spray Incident Over Video Games

Black Friday is a day where a lot of things can happen. Shoppers get up early and go hunting for some great deals. Some shoppers were doing just that at a Wal-Mart in Los Angeles.

During a rush for some discounted video games, one woman became very agitated and let loose a burst of pepper spray in the crowd surrounding her. Reports vary on the reasoning for the blast. Some reports suggest that the woman was reacting to people who were cutting in line ahead of her. Another report suggests that she was worried about being robbed in the store and acting in self defense. A third report suggests she may have just been a malicious shopper looking to get the best merchandise at any means.

Between 15 and 20 people were affected by the pepper soray. Local law enforcement are searching through the surveillance videos and the store is looking through sales receipts in an effort to find the woman, who managed to escape during the ensuing chaos. If found, she would be arrested on felony battery charges.

Black Friday deals can be quite worth it to eager gamers and geeks, but is it really worth it to attack another human being to get those great deals. Let’s remember what the holidays are really about and love one another.


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