The Real Congregation :: The Stereo Will Set Your Spirits Free


This week, Marc With a C needs to unwind, and so do you.

And how does Marc unwind? With this, a rather old school style episode featuring the tales of the tunes being played. It’s that simple.

Please, unwind with me. Take a load off. Sit on the back porch with a fruit jar full of iced tea. Enjoy some of that newfangled “iced cream” afterwards.


  1. Communique :: Lucky Pierre
  2. You’ve Passed (demo) :: Neutral Milk Hotel
  3. Earthquake Song :: The Little Girls
  4. When Christine Comes Around :: Grudge
  5. If Not, I’ll Just Die :: Lambchop
  6. Object :: The Cure
  7. Whatever You Like :: Joan As Police Woman
  8. I Left Her Standing There :: The Dezurik Sisters
  9. My Horses Ain’t Hungry :: The Dezurik Sisters
  10. The Little Space Girl :: Jesse Lee Turner
  11. I’m In Love With The Ooo-Ooo Man :: Girls Together Outrageously
  12. God Loves Us :: Guided By Voices
  13. Emulsified :: Yo La Tengo
  14. 2002 – A Hit Song :: The Free Design
  15. Brain Tag :: Bettie Serveert