Microsoft Possibly Releasing Two Versions of Next-Gen X-Box

Rumors have been flying that Microsoft’s next gen console could be available as soon as next year. We’ve heard everything from beefed up hardware, to more Kinect integration, to Blu-Ray players being added. The latest rumor is that the next X-Box may be available in two versions.

The first version would be the classic console with full gameplay, access to all the Microsoft apps, and everything else the X-Box platform has to offer.

The other version rumored to be coming out would be a stripped down version similar to a Roku or Apple TV. It would be a purely entertainment based machine. You would still be able to access Netflix, Youtube, and other streaming based apps. There may also be access to select XBL arcade games. This would allow them to get more Microsoft products into people’s homes as it would serve as an alternative to the existing products. It could have a direct impact on Apple’s profit margin.


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