Goals for The New Year

Another year is upon us. We didn’t have to survive any apocalypses like we had to in going from 2012 to 2013. The past year was a great one for the site. New events and new friends highlighted an awesome year for Geek World Order.

This past year, Geek World Order covered an astounding 13 nerdy events throughout the year. That was a record I was proud to break. The goal is to top that this year. More events and better coverage are on the agenda this year. I would love to branch out to other avenues besides the photo galleries you see on the site. I would like to make it so I can provide more videos, possibly interviews, and other ways to help bring the events the site covers to its audience and provide a full, rich experience for those who can not make it out to the events covered.

Another goal is to branch out to other types of events. Cons and concerts are amazing and lots of fun, but there are other events that geeks gather to. I’ll search around for fun things to cover and see what I can do this year.

Original content is a priority this year. Over the past year or so, I have begun moving the site away from the same news that all the sites cover and tried to either present it with my own thoughts and opinions or focus on the great geeky content this being created every day. That trend will continue this year as original content such as the podcasts we support, Critical Botch and Geek Talk Toy Reviews continue to be produced. The goal is to expand on the original content coming out. Blogs like this one and more written content will be coming out as well. I myself will be trying to do more reviews. I want to reviews enough movies, comics, or whatever to do some Top 10 lists at the end of the year.

Here’s to an exciting adventure for 2014. Enjoy the ride and let’s see what happens.

Geeks Unite!


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