The Nerd Groove :: Episode 1 :: The Megas and Danimal Cannon Go RED


Your monthly fix for Nerd Music is here! It’s Dr. Vern’s The Nerd Groove!

This episode takes you on a trip through the Past, Present and even the Future of Nerd Music as Dr. Vern showcases what makes the genre so great: Diversity.

The Nerd Groove has one mission – to define and provide exposure to the Nerd Music genre. This episode highlights it all: Nerd Rock, VGM, Chiptunes, Nerdcore, Comedy and in this episode: Nerd Punk! Can all these different musical styles make a definable Genre? That’s the theory, it’s up to you to decide. To aide you on your quest, this episode contains greatnew tracks and historical perspective as we dig into the back catalog. Just press play and embark on your journey. The GROOVE is strong with you.


  1. Hitchhiker Joe :: Rugburns
  2. Wrecking Ball :: Professor Shyguy
  3. Blur Bomber :: Mega Ran and Mister Wilson
  4. Mark and Eugene :: Adam WarRock & Schaffer The Darklord
  5. Red Planet :: Danimal Cannon
  6. Killin’ My Boner :: Positive Attitude
  7. Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Wimey :: H2Awesome
  8. Blackholes Just Mean I Love You In Space Jargon :: Alpha Riff ft.Trista Kinman
  9. Internet Connection :: MC Ohm-I
  10. Sakura Kiss :: Mouth’s Cradle
  11. This Gigantic Robot Kills :: MC Lars feat. Suburban Legends and MC Bat Commander
  12. Angry Birds main Theme :: Critical Hit
  13. The City (DJ RoboRob Remix) :: Schaffer The Darklord
  14. I Feel Fantastic :: Jonathan Coulton
  15. Michael Bay :: Nerds Raging
  16. I’m Not The Breakman :: The Megas
  17. Steam Powered Giraffe :: Steam Powered Giraffe

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