Experiencing Transformers: The Movie On The Big Screen

There are often times things you want to experience. Sometimes you are hindered by time, money, or other factors that keep you in want of a specific experience. We long to have these experiences. Of course, this is the phenomenon that we call the bucket list. Attending DragonCon is one of those items for me. Another was being able to see a certain movie in a theater. On Thursday night, I was able to cross that one off my list. I can now say that I was able to experience Transformers: The Movie on the big screen.

Fathom events and Shout Factory hosted the event as a way to promote the upcoming Bumblebee movie. Attendees of the one night event saw the movie, a feature with Stan Bush talking about the music he created for the movie and an exclusive viewing of a scene from the Bumblebee movie.

From the moment I arrived at the theater it was a bit surreal. I had wanted this experience for a long time. I wasn’t able to see the movie when it originally debuted in theaters. Mainly due to the fact that I was less than a year old when it came out in the summer of 1986. Transformers has always been one of my earliest loves as it opened me up to sci-fi themes, giant robots, a general love of technology and has continued to be a continuing presence in my life. As many people know, my first tattoo was of the Autobot insignia. So to say that I was excited to hear about this event may be a bit of an understatement. I happily bought my tickets they day it was announced and took the day off from work as I would have to drive to Orlando for the viewing.

As the theater dimmed, it was time. at that moment, I was in the zone. I was enthralled by the experience. I felt the joy of accomplishing a bucket list item and the pure satisfaction that it brought. This is a movie that I can quote from start to finish. I still felt like it was the first time watching it. Of course, knowing the movie, I allowed myself to be moved at the right times, excited when the action picked up, and felt the sting when Optimus Prime died. I allowed myself to fully immerse myself in the movie and was rewarded for it. While I am not an overly emotional person, I wanted to be caught up in this experience and had to sit in my seat for a few minutes after the lights came back up to let it all soak in. it was well worth it.

I can not thank Fathom Events, Shout Factory and the theaters enough for hosting this event. I was able to experience one of my favorite movies of all time in the best way possible. It was an incredible experience that I will always remember.


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