The Long Coat Mafia: Alex Bob’s A.K.A. Bigfoot Bob’s Presentation – A E.C.B.R.O.’s 2ND Annual Bigfoot Presentation


This week we return to E.C.B.R.O.’s 2nd Annual Bigfoot Convention to bring you Alex Bob’s A.K.A. Bigfoot Bob’s presentation from that event.

Note: 1) This is his content we are just sharing it for your enjoyment, and for those who a) couldn’t come to E.C.B.R.O.’s 2nd Annual Bigfoot Convention and b) or missed the panel  2) Due to working and connected to the conference center’s sound system for the first time the quality of sound may be off, because we were not allowed to touch the conference center’s equipment other than the microphones for sound checks. Which brings us to 3) Due to a lot of Alex Bob’s A.K.A. Bigfoot Bob’s presentation being video at the time we left a lot of the sections we would take out in for context. We did delete about 20 to 30 seconds of audio we could not boost due to the microphones not picking up the audio right.

Also again thanks to E.C.B.R.O.’s 2nd Annual Bigfoot Convention, Daniel Benoit, and  Alex Bob’s A.K.A. BigFoot Bob for letting us do this.


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